The National Alliance
The first step is a change in consciousness
Working together to make a better world

I am unique. I have different abilities, different inclinations, different strengths and weaknesses. Am I doing what I am best fitted to do, what will make my life count most? Am I doing what I should—or should I be doing something else instead?

That is the question which each person, ultimately, must answer for himself, for no one can see better into our own souls than we ourselves—at least, not after we have trained ourselves to look there. Even so, one of the purposes of our community is to help each man or woman who joins us, to the extent possible, find the correct answer for him or herself. We can do that thorough individual guidance, and we can do it through collective guidance.

Purpose in life

Of the factors used to find our path the first is knowledge; the second is consciousness; the third is discipline; and the fourth is service. Knowledge is simply an objective understanding of reality in sufficient detail. Our knowledge, our understanding, grows with time.

Consciousness is the next step beyond knowledge. From our knowledge we know what we must do. Consciousness comes when we not only know but also feel what we must do. It comes when we have learned to look into our souls and have seen the same message there that we have understood from our first awakening; that our ancestors understood 4,000 years ago when they built the first observatories, studied the stars, and pondered the meaning of their existence.

New values
 When we have agreed not only outwardly but also inwardly that our lives have meaning; when we act on that understanding—when we stop being obsessed with stroking our nerve endings, indulging our whims, accumulating property, and enjoying ourselves—then and only then can we make a substantial improvement in our society and our world.
The National Alliance
The National Alliance is a group of men and women with a full consciousness of their identity and purpose, working together to help each other and ensure that each succeeding generation inherits a better world than that of its parents. We transcend all past political, philosophical, and religious categories or “pigeonholes” that you might be accustomed to. We are something new in this world.
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